Happy Shinanigans is a home jewelry maker consisting of 2 sisters creating unique jewelry that make you happy.
Throughout the process, colour combination and logo design was fit to be set in a pleasant and upbeat tone, with the client having an interest in pastel tones. 
For the posters, I had taken pictures of some of their previous jewelry and ran them through illustrator to create drawing-Esque figures of them, insisting on how things could be created from your imagination into reality, as stated in the type above.
Along with posters, I had also created some stationaries to come assisting it. In a previous image you can see a concept for a pen design and furthermore into the page you will come by stickers and a business card
The last article was the business card, I believe that keeping a simple and minimal business card will allow a broader range of customers to enjoy and keep the card, as well as show the branding off that has been created.

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